By Daniel Wilby | © 

I have opened my heart chakra in so many ways – with yoga, through meditation, with the help of visionary medicine, by falling in love and by challenging myself to love more. The experiences have been delightful, wonderful, feelings of immense love, gratitude and forgiveness. But there is one thing that has opened my heart more than any other…

Having children!

Having children is a possibility to open all new doors at the heart level, in ways that my friends who do not have children must have a hard time comprehending. When my daughter was born my heart grew tenfold. I used to have a one room apartment in my heart, just about big enough for me and whoever I happened to fancy at the moment.

Now I have a mansion and I’m working on making it into a castle. It’s a feeling of ever growing platonic love.

Not everyone who gets children has the same conscious expansion at the heart level, but I think many parents can recognize what I’m talking about. Nowadays I often find it much easier to connect with parents, simply because many of them have access to the same rooms of love as I do.

Even if we never talk about children I find that many of them have evolved emotionally compared to their friends who do not have children.

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