by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

The use of gasoline or petrol is a necessary evil in order for most us to operate in our daily lives at this time. As consciousness rises, humanity will find that the government has had technology that can operate cars and heat homes but has kept such technology hidden. Not only that, but we are slowly learning that almost everything tied to oil and gas drilling has been wrapped in a web of deceit.

When I had my “aha” moment of awakening five years ago, my ex husband and I were running an engineering consulting firm at the highest levels of competence for many of the major oil companies. Of course I had to leave the industry when I “woke up”, and now I am here to tell the truth about oil and gas drilling and its impact upon the environment. As I look back on how I ended up working in the oilfield industry, I have realized that I needed to have an inside perspective in order to understand the illusion created around it. This experience as well as my spiritual and metaphysical studies would allow me the knowledge needed to contribute to figuring out solutions.

How drilling works

Drilling involves setting up a drilling rig and using a very large diamond infused drill bit to dig into the crust of the earth. Chemicals mixed with clay are called “mud” are used to keep the drill bit cool, to equalize the pressure, and to pump the slough out of the well as they drill. Explosives are used to break through layers that may be too hard for a drill bit to go through. The hole walls are reinforced with a steel casing pipe and equipment is installed in this pipe that allows for the petroleum or gas to be filtred up through the pipe through natural pressure. More equipment is installed that regulates the flow of the oil or gas once a pocket is tapped. The large rig is removed after the well is “completed”, and the oil is pumped through more pipe at the surface into a holding tank or to miles and miles of pipeline that are connected to a refinery.

Directional drilling is a fairly recent invention that allows for turns and twists in the pipe to be completed from one single well. If it is not convenient to place a drilling rig directly over a reserve, the rig can be placed to the side of it and then the drill pipe can curve over to the pocket of oil or gas. Several directions can be achieved as well which is economical because a huge chunk of the costs for drilling a well involve moving the massive drilling rig which is taken apart in pieces and moves from location to location on large trucks.

Directional drilling allows for more access to places that a straight line down would allow. Fracking is the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, and holes that have been bored into a pipe so as to force open existing fissures in order to extract oil or gas. The most common type of rock this is done in is shale because of its tight pores.

The extensive fracking that is being done across the U.S. in particular has caused massive concern for those who are paying attention. Not only is it affecting the structure of the planet but it also requires massive amounts of precious water and conversely contaminates the remaining drinking water sources. Sinkholes have been a common occurrence as the pockets are drained and the earth above collapses in to fill the hole.

The reasons for drilling oil

While I have not been able to figure out a reasonable explanation for the excessive and increasing drilling for natural gas in the U.S., I do have some ideas as to why drilling for oil is rampant. However, the problem of raping the planet of oil is world wide. According to the Holographic Disclosure video below, at 9:12 it states that one of the Sacred Universal Laws of the Earth was “Do not hurt the oil; the oil is the blood and the lubricant of the planet”. So why would anyone want to go against a Universal Law?

The reasons we started drilling for oil in the first place were all laid out a long time ago by the Reptilian/Illuminati agenda:

  • Ritual Sacrifice- Just like the blood of humans has been used in ritual sacrifice to the gods, so has the blood of Earth.
  • Money- By attaching a monetary value based on supply and demand along with a completely fabricated stock market value to back it up, the wealth of the highest level Illuminati has grown with oil more than most any other industry.
  • Domination and Control- The society we live in today makes us dependent upon gasoline to be able to travel anywhere, and this allows for control over our lives.
  • Consumerism of materials like plastic, tires, rubber, and cosmetics- Many people do not even realize that these materials are being made out of petroleum.
  • The creation of negative thought-forms due to slavery from the system that was created for domination and control. There have been metaphysical theories that state that there are beings in charge of the Illuminati called Archons that live off of this negative energy.
  • War- The fight for “elephant” reserves for oil in various countries has been used as a reason to create wars based on the U.S pretending to have its citizens’ best interests in mind over the fear of high oil prices. Oil has been used as a cover up when the real reason for war lies in the amount of money to be made from supplying both sides of the warring countries with materials from the industries that are all secretly owned by the Illuminati.

The fossil fuel myth

The Holographic Disclosure video above mentions at 10:16 the fact that oil is not a fossil fuel. Oil is the blood of the earth that keeps all of the plates moving and floating. Removal of the oil causes the plates to collide and in turn this creates instability. Pockets are created and the plates to move, crash, and collapse.

Today, oil is found deep below any layers of fossils. My ex husband was managing the deepest well drilling in the industry with highly specialized team of very experienced engineers. The last well projects I was aware of were 25,000 to 30,000 feet. Common sense alone shows that oil is not formed from decomposing matter or fossils based on the depths that the biggest reserves are in. Furthermore, oil is actually a mineral that is self generating. It is not unlike taking a little blood out of a human- the body has the ability to self regenerate. The theory that we have an oil shortage is also a lie, however if too much blood is taken the donor can get sick or die. Just as important, though, is the way the oil is extracted and the effect it has on the earth and our environment.

From the Holographic Disclosure video:

“Rockefeller sent his well paid shills to the Geneva Convention of 1892 and said oil was hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon and was derived from the rotting of formerly living matter which made it a fossil fuel. This was done to send a message to the masses that oil was scarce and would run out so that Rockefeller could monopolize on the pricing. Oil will not run out anytime soon, but if it ever does the Earth will be in trouble.”

In the U.S., the price of gasoline has dropped tremendously in the last few months, and there is a trend of this happening every four years before elections. Common sense would say that if there is a shortage of oil, then how could the price drop if the market price is based on the economic model of supply and demand?

All of the people that I met who work in the oil industry have no reason to question that oil is not a fossil fuel and they are programmed either through getting college degrees in petrochemical engineering, or get their training through some of the big drilling firms or supplier manufacturers. My ex husband was in the oilfield industry for over 40 years and he knows his programming well enough to teach it. Unfortunately it is one of the most lucrative paying industries in the world, and the lure of money overpowers the concern for the planet.

Alternative fuels and materials

We do not have any original created thoughts. All thoughts are created by our multidimensional oversoul that is existing in many lifetimes at once. Inventions are realized by people who have the ability to “download” ideas and detailed blueprints for innovative technologies. Albert Einstein assisted in creating the U.S. patent office so that all of the ideas that were put into the human consciousness field and downloaded into someone’s brain could be stolen or suppressed as a patent was submitted for ownership.

In June 1902, Einstein received the letter he’d been impatiently waiting for: a positive answer regarding his application to be a technical assistant – level III at the federal patent office in Bern. One month later he was examining inventions applications for patentability at his famous lectern in room 86, on the third floor of the building on the corner of the Speichergasse and the Genfergasse. The director at the time, Friedrich Haller, was a strict boss. However, Einstein appreciated his superior’s tough-but-benevolent and logical-but-uncompromising character which seemed to stimulate Einstein’s natural critical tendency.

The governments have known about alternative powered engines, free energy devices, and cures for diseases for at least 100 years. Most people have a hard time believing that our government would hide these kinds of inventions from us. There is some very deep and successful programming at work.