It is possible that Hoyland, who had asked in his suit that his attorney’s fees be paid by the defendants, may have also been bankrupted when his complaint was ruled against, however in 1940, he is again shown at the Stonehurst Drive address. By 1943, Hoyland is shown at a different address, and by 1944 had moved out of the Pasadena area. Reports are that he never again worked in the electronics field. By late 1940, Rife had been named a Fellow (or possibly a Royal Fellow) of the Andean Anthropological Expedition, an Institute for Scientific Research based in Phoenix, Arizona. The society’s Advisory Board looks like a Who’s Who of the Southwestern US’s medical and business community of the 1940 era.

Dr. Raymond Seidel, in June of 1942, wrote to Rife with questions about the Universal Microscope for the article Seidel was preparing for the Franklin Institute (and later the Smithsonian). At least one of those articles is available from Dr. Milbank Johnson, who was known to have had a heart condition, became ill on Saturday, September 30th, and died Monday night or Tuesday morning October 3, 1944 in the Huntington Memorial Hospital (which once was the Pasadena Hospital). It has been said that he was preparing a press release on the successes which had been accomplished by the Rife device – I have found no indications of such actions, and in any case, it was certainly not Johnson’s style to become involved years later in an enterprise from before. I feel it extremely unlikely that any such press release existed or was ever planned, since the local newspapers would have reported on that.

Through the 1940’s and early 50’s little is heard concerning either Royal Rife or the Beam Ray Corporation, which probably closed as an active concern following the 1939 lawsuit. In 1950, Rife hired John Crane as a machinist, and Crane later became the President of the manufacturing effort, and also, in 1950, started doing business as Allied Industries. A report written by Rife in 1953 states that “This BX virus can be readily changed into different forms of its life cycle by the media upon which it is grown.” That statement, indicating the pleomorphism of the organism (changing to different forms), possibly causing different diseases depending in what stage of its development the organism is in, was also directly opposed to the established medical theories of the day.

Rife invested years of research in determining observable facts the medical establishment had no interest in hearing and even less in researching for themselves! Even had Rife been an M.D., the strong wills of those in power in the medical establishment controlled permissible treatment, funding, and even what could get published in medical journals. Indeed, not much has changed, as the establishment has also managed to get laws passed controlling even what an MD may say to a patient, let alone offering treatments which may not conform to the established protocols of treatment. Health Care is not about treatment, its about doing that treatment in a manner the establishment permits – the health of the patient is, unfortunately, a minor concern.

Sept 1954, Rife gives rights to a “Measuring Telescope” to Rohr Aircraft Corporation, after working there as a consultant since late in 1953. In the late 1950’s, there are a number of documents from several people at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt Lake City) and John Crane and John Marsh, who was working with Crane. Apparently there were one or more Rife machines in the Salt Lake City area being used experimentally. Rife’s name comes up as one would refer to an advisor or consultant, so apparently by this time Rife had little to do with the ray tube technology or the company he once authorized to be founded. Also in 1954 is an application for a research grant by Allied Industries of San Diego, where Rife is listed as Principal Investigator for the grant, and is shown as Director of Research. John Crane is listed as the Manager and Design Engineer, Verne Thompson the Chief Electronic Engineer, Don Tully is the Development Associate, and Cameron Bland is the Electronic Engineer. Dr. James B. Couche, MD, is shown as a consultant. Dr. Couche had been involved with Rife for many years.

In 1956, letters from John Crane started used the name Life Labs, Inc. (also Rife Virus Microscope Institute) during that period, apparently in an attempt to protect the company from the ongoing (and successful) attempts by the medical establishment to silence the technology. By 1958, John Crane was producing a machine which did not use the plasma tube, and it is reported that a man in Utah “treated himself” and was in remission from prostate cancer as a result. In the late 1950’s, Crane made a number of tape recordings, many including Royal Rife, about the machines, Rife’s experiences, and the possibility of setting up business with a person back east to start manufacturing Crane’s version of the Rife machine. It is possible that a few of the Ray Tube devices still existed at that time, indeed there was an MD in the midwest who had one, and had reported using it with great success.

Rife states on one of the tapes that he could take e.coli, a common life form in everybody’s intestinal tract, and with the proper pH levels, turn it into a cancer organism. In 1967, Rife wrote in a letter to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (in support of an appeal by John Crane, file #21542) that he had been “supported by Harry Bridges and H.H. Timken and Milbank Johnson with unlimited help and influence.” This is one of the few references Rife ever made of his supporters. Little is known of his Rife’s career during the period from the mid-50’s until his death on August 5th, 1971, except that the various trials and medical witch-hunts took a terrible toll on his health.

He fled to Mexico to avoid the 1939 lawsuit, and there is an indication that there was an additional lawsuit in the 1950’s in which John Crane and John Marsh were the defendants, and were sent to prison. I have no records of that suit. Sometime after that, Rife became involved in the Bahi faith in the San Diego area, and also married his second wife. Rife unquestionably was a genius, and like many before, died a pauper. He was interred at the Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego, alongside his wife Mamie Quinn, whose family were prominent in San Diego Chinese history.


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